Reflection on Therese/Sainthood

January 14, 2016
St Therese of Lisieux
St. Thérèse


I’ve always wished that I could be a saint.  But whenever I compared myself to the Saints there was always this unfortunate difference – they were like great mountains, hiding their heads in the clouds, and I was only an insignificant grain of sand, trodden down by all who passed by.  However, I wasn’t going to be discouraged.  I said to myself:  “God wouldn’t inspire us with ambitions that can’t be realized.”
-Taken from “Story of a Soul”

We are all called to be saints, but Therese realized that to become a saint you must embrace one's daily life and live it with love.  Each day God gives us all many opportunities to take this challenge.  Many are simple little things we might not even think of, like giving one a smile, taking time for someone else, spending time with God , even in a holy minute throughout the day, or even as simple as being silent.  Perhaps we make it too complicated??

St. Therese pray for us!

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