Our Founder, Father Edward Soler, OCD

February 16, 2014

Written for our Sisters:

The spirit of your community should be that which was intended from the beginning; the spirit of Carmel under the guidance of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, to imbue in your Sisters that spirit of child-like confidence in God, always fostering the simple ways of the little flower in the formation of souls with zeal for loving God and making Him loved by all with whom you come in contact: in school with children, and with all people in your mission- any work of any kind offered to you within your possibilities.

Remember that yours is a congregation affiliated officially with the Order of Discalced Carmelites.  You are not Benedictines, Augustines, Franciscans or anything else.  You are Carmelites, and therefore in your houses must prevail the spirit of prayer, silence, and recollection if you wish your Sisters to remain faithful to their vocation.  Keep them in regular reception of the Sacraments, in the attendance to the acts of the community and in fidelity to their duties.  The Lord will bless you and our Blessed Mother will protect you if you are faithful to this point.

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